Anyone using 14416?


  • Anyone??? He is sold out just wondering if anyone has purchased or used him....
  • We are using this donor.
  • How many tries have you done? What are his numbers like. We did three tries with another donor and bought this ones last two vials. Just want some feedback about him.
  • My IUI vial, I was told, was an excellent specimen. 14 mil post freeze. I cant remember all the numbers. If I find the paper my RE gave me, Ill list them. I have only done one round. Apparently I ovulated too late or something for it to work the first round. This second round, I ovulated too early to try. I am awaiting cycle day 1 to try again.

    How about you? :)
  • We inseminate later this month! We had to take a few months off after traveling to a country with Zika. But we are ready. Hoping 14416 is our lucky one. I'd love to stay in touch through this journey. Please keep me updated on your Iuis. Which board do you want to use bc we are posting in both. Or I'm comfortable trading emails if that interests you. I've realized not a lot of people get it.
  • I find these boards difficult to navigate anyways so yeah, email would be better. Give me yours and Ill email back to you! :D Good luck on your IUI!
  • My email is [email protected]

    Looking forward to connecting!
  • I used this donor - just found out pregnant but will very early. would like to hear your experience as well!
  • Solo0058 so happy about your positive!!! Both of us and my dearwatson are in the TWW waiting with this donor. We actually test a day apart. I'm hoping we can all share this journey together. This is my wife and Is fourth cycle. Last three were unmediated with a different donor. This one is medicated with clomid. Had three mature follicles. We purchased the last two vials of this donor. We really want siblings with the same donor so hoping we get our pregnancy and can buy more vials on his release in July. How many vials did you purchase? My email is listed above. Please feel free to contact me about your journey. Just put the donor number in the subject so I know who you are. If not I'll keep checking the board. I'm excited to hear your story!!! What cycle was this for you?
  • Congrats Solo!

    We were negative this go around. We will try Clomid again this cycle and see how it goes. Hoping we can make round 3 of IUI (4th cycle trying though!) work.
  • Good luck to your both...any luck? Sorry - I haven't checked these boards in a while. I"m 9 weeks and still going strong! Hoping you had success! Elliejo - I will email!
  • Nothing with IUIs x 4 here. :(
  • Hi anyone have successful pregnancies with 14416??
  • I'll be using this donor for IVF, did someone else had luck with him?
  • We are going to see our vials of this donor if anyone is interested.

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