When to inseminate?

What time of day do you ladies test for for your LH surge? I heard mixed reviews - some say the morning, others say the evening....

Also, do you go in for IUI the day after the surge or 2 days after the surge?

I test in the morning around 11AM and go in the next day when it's positive. All my IUIs(5 now) have ended in BFN though. Wondering if it's the right timing.



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    Here's my suggestion...you need to test more than once a day! We tested 3-4 times a day. If you test at 11am and get a negative, who's to say that you don't ovulate at 2pm that same day????? It's possible! Then when you test the next day at 11am you are already many, many hours into your ovulation. Here's what we did...

    We tested 5am, noon, 5pm and 10pm or so...depending on our schedules...but they were very close to this time frame. I tested at 5am on CD15 and it was negative, but then I tested at noon and it was positive. We went in for IUI the next day at 9am and we got a BFP on our first try.

    Point being is that everyone ovulates differently...not everyone is positive in the morning or evening...you have to find what's right for you. The important thing is to find the positive as close to the beginning of the surge as possible.

    Also, we invested in the digital OPK's. Yes, they are more expensive, but they are so much easier to read.

    Good luck!
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    good adive. i'm doing my first iui in June.
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    Thanks MistyandCarla! That's helpful to me, too.

    Now, if the donor I want would just release again, I could get started already :)
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    Have you checked to see what the estimated release date is going to be?
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    Yeah, unfortunately not scheduled until July. :( Crossing fingers that it will work out, but if not, I'm searching for a No. 2 choice. We might buy No. 2 as a backup and plan to exchange when, hopefully, No. 1 becomes available. We'd like to have enough for the possibility of at least two children by the same donor so that makes it even more complicated! But hopefully it will work out...

    And thanks for all your postings -- very informative for the newbies like me. :)
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    July...uhhhh! :) Good idea on the backup donor though. Good luck in making that decision.
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