BFN : (

Well we got our BFN, today! But already kinda knew, AF reared her ugly head, 3 DAYS LATE!!!! ( I hate that!!) Anyways, i have now been on my thyroidisim meds for a month now, so We r really hoping 3 times a charm!!!!! I go in on the 13th for my cycle day 10 u/s... and then it will be on to our 3rd iui. I stated my 100 mg of clomid on cycle day 3, ( yeasterday!) I can't beleve that it will be the 3rd time, GRRRRRR I used to get pregnent so easily, WTF??? I think in my heart of hearts that my thyroid has messed things up for the 1st 2!!
So here we go again!! And mabye now we will get lucky!!!!( fingers crossed) any feed back welcome!!

MistyandCarla, what is this about the musinex, and baby asprin???

Thank u all for ur support!!!!

Dani and Bev~


  • Oh no, I'm so sorry. 3rd try will hopefully be the one! Stay positive, your body is going through a lot with the thyroid stuff and might just need a bit of time to acclimate.

    I'm 12 dpIUI and want to test so bad, but have started light red discharge/spotting so i think I'll be joining your BFN club too :(
    Poop on BFN.
  • Boy do I agree with the poop on the BFN! I really believe that u r right, it prolly just the hormone readjustment thing!! God I hope ur not joining the BFN club, Yuck, I will be keeping my fingers crossed, that we're wrong, and it's Inplantation, bleeding!!

    PLZ KUP, I would love to hear back either way! Was this ur 1st IUI?

    Anyways I wish u the best and will be thinking of u!! : )

    Dani and Bev~
  • Here you go...

    Baby aspirin helps to thicken your uterine lining which helps the egg to stick...

    The Mucinex (plain, without any letters after it) helps to thin your sure to drink lots of water too...

    I also ate lots of berries, especially I ate almonds everyday and used flax seeds in my fruit smoothies for Omega 3's....

    Just do a search on ways to increase fertility and you'll find some amazing things. :)

    Good luck!
  • Well hi Dani, Bev and gang....

    Major POOP on BFN (and that's only because its a public forum and I can't swear-because I have some major frustration today!)

    Unfortunately I'm joing your BFN club today :(
    14 dp IUI and so I tested this morning and got the negative....been lightly spotting and waiting on AF to start.
    This was our 5th IUI. Our 2nd on clomid.

    Guess we just look onward to #6, sounds like our cycles are pretty close so KUP!
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