1st failed IUI, Now Trying Clomid

So we're hopping on the roller coaster again, and this time with Clomid. But now that I read the boards, I'm sort of freaking out about it. My partner is hesitant to want me to take it due to the chance of multiples, and now I'm hesitant to take it because of what I've read on these boards. Not to mention the fact that I can't help but feel that I'm jumping into the Clomid too fast. My Ob/GYN hasn't done a great job of talking with me about these things. Then I read that someone who used Clomid actually ended up with a cyst on her ovaries, and insemination had to be canceled all together! Please someone talk me down.


  • Magellan~

    My DP was also freaked about clomid & multiples for a short time too, so I completely understand where you are coming from.

    First of all, clomid only increases your odds of multiples slightly more than regular conception. THOUSANDS of women take clomid every month and there is not a rash of twinsies out there! You do have tp prepare yourself for the possibility of twins, but then again, so does any woman trying to get pregnant!

    Secondly, cysts can occur when any follicle does not rupture like it should. Women get cysts all the time when they don't take anything at all. Our docs just happen find ours b/c we are getting sonograms so often. Some people are more prone to them & others not. I was on clomid for 7 cycles & only had 1 cyst. The reason they cancel your cycle is b/c they don't want to give your ovaries anything to stimulate them until the cyst has resolved so that it does not get bigger. (Usually a 1 cycle break does the trick).

    You will be FINE! Some (not all)women also have some side effects (general moodiness) so be prepared for that too.
  • Hi Magellan

    I have done two rounds of clomid, and I completely understand your fears.
    The multiple preg rate only increses something like 8-11% so its only slightly higher that a normal cycle w/o clomid. Also, (I did tons of research before I took it) most all births are singletons-but having more than one egg, just ups your odds that one of them will fertalize and implant.
    I did have a small cyst (which is normal to develop in all females) which the clomid "fed" and it grew rather large, and due to that, we had to rest that cycle (no IUI). It is very hard to hear that kind of news as we all hate putting off a chance for another month, but the unfortunate common side effect to the clomid is that it can feed cysts if they are already there. Cysts occur all the time and your body generally eliminates them naturally in one to three cycles, so its a risk you already have to develop cysts. Normally if your cyst is small, you can still inseminate, but if it gets too large, cysts can emit hormones and that will interfere with the pregnancy possibilities. So yes, if you have a cyst (s) and you take clomid, they will probably grow. I rested one cycle and mine was completely gone and we inseminated the following month with clomid. No cysts the second time.
    I would go ahead and try the clomid, start with a low dose because if you respond at all to a dose, raising the dose does not increase your chances. I take 50 mg and I have twice developed two eggs, one on each side.
    Good luck and don't be fearful!! It might be the "bump" you need!
  • I took Clomid for two cycles and it made me crazy. I gained a ton of weight and it over stimulated three follicles so we had to sit out last month so they could dissolve. This time I am on Letrozole and so far not one side effect. The Clomid made me have hot flashes, blurred vision, and vertigo.
    I hope you have an easier time with it.
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