Confused about timing

I'm getting ready for my second IUI and want to make sure I'm timing everything the way I should... I've been on Follistim for the past 6 days and my dr. said I should do the trigger shot tonight between 9-10 pm. My IUI is scheduled for exactly 36 hours after the trigger shot. This is exactly what we did on the first IUI which didn't work, so I wanted to get some feedback from others that may have more insight as to the time frame I should be working with. I figured I'd use my OTK tomorrow several times so I can try to pinpoint exactly what time the IUI should be on Monday. Most fertile time is 24 hours from the start of ovulation correct? Thanks for any advise :-)


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    Its my knowledge that your egg does not drop til 24-36 hrs after you first hit your surge, then the egg is present there for the following 24 hrs.. If you are looking for your first surge i was also informed that the majority of women will start surge between the very early am to 9am.. I found that this timing worked very well for me. I made sure i got up at 5am to clear my bladder so that at 8am I was able to do my first test without the urine being to strong and giving me a false positive. I tested at 8 and found the line to be quite dark and retested at 9 and found the surge line to be very dark (I knew I had found the very beginning of my surge:) I inseminated 34 hours after that and found out two weeks later that i was pregnant... Good luck to you..
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    I also drive myself crazy about the timing question. Here is something I copied off a website that talks about timing.... maybe it will help.
    Q: When is the best timing for an IUI?
    A: Ideally an IUI should be performed within 6 hours either side of ovulation -- for male factor infertility some doctors believe after ovulation is better, otherwise chances of success are higher with insemination before ovulation with the sperm waiting for the egg. When timing is based on an hCG injection, the IUIs are usually done between 24 and 48 hours later. Typical timing would be to have a single IUI at about 36 hours post-hCG, though some do it at 24 hours, and some clinics are reporting better results when doing the IUI at 40-42 hours post-hCG. If two IUIs are scheduled, they are usually spaced at least 12 hours apart between 24 and 48 hours after the hCG.

    Some doctors will base timing of IUI on a natural LH surge. In that case, a single IUI at 36 hours is the norm, but doing them at 24 hours is also pretty common since ovulation may be a bit earlier. When two inseminations are planned, they are usually timed between 12 and 48 hours after the surge is detected.
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