Count for 14874

Has anyone else used this donor? if so, what did your counts look like? We had our first IUI last week and count was 8 mil which we're hearing is low. :(


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    Did you end up using donor 14553?

  • My donors first count was low six million and second was nine something from the same donor so I just wanted to let you know each sample seems different. I had two failed from 14492. I was thinking about this one as a third back up

  • My wife and I just used 14874 for our first-ever IUI (she was the one inseminated) and the count was 5MIL. Very disappointing and seriously crossing our fingers that it somehow still takes. @cryo-admin @cryoadmin @cryobank-admin have you gotten previous reports about a low count for 14874? If so, why were we allowed to still buy? What are our options given the report we got back from the doctor regarding the count?

  • We used donor 14874 and the count was in the 20 million range...we got a BFP but unfortunately miscarried at 5wks 😞..please let us know how it goes with you ladies..we thinking of buying more of his vials

  • Is there any update on this? Has anyone tried to use this donor again and received low spent count? I have my IUI coming up this week and I’m praying the count is high.

  • I had an IUI with this donor and the count was just 9 million. I didn’t get pregnant that cycle. I have my IUI coming up this week again with this donor and I’m praying that the count is higher than 9 million.

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    I had an IUI on Valentine’s Day using a IUI premium vial and the count was 12 million. The motility was also better this month. I’m hoping for a BFP this month!

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