Ty kimi729!! : )

U have been the most helpful to me, just by me reading a post by Virgo91079, when she was asking u about the IUI, and u answered, some of my questions! I have written a post a have got no answers yet : ( but i got help from u!! so ty very much! If u could check out my post, and give me any more info..... My IUI is tomm.. ty again, and good luck to u and everyone else that reads this : )


  • Dani~

    I am glad that I answered some questions that you had! I think I found your current post & responded to your question.

    Best of luck tomorrow!!
  • Kim~

    Ty u so very much, for being the only one to respond to my post! Yes u found my original post! and I ty for Your help and good luck! It means more then u could ever know! OMG my IUI is in a little more then 5 hrs. Wow I'm so excited!! : ) on my original post do u know what those lvl's mean? mon. it was 436, and on fri. it was 971...

    Plz Kit with me if u feel like it! It is nice to have someone to talk to, that is going through the same things!! : )

    Your friend, Dani....
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