Just when I thought I missed my LH surge...BAM! It shows up on CD17 : )

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of you ladies that gave me the advice to test 2-3 times a day during my "suspected" ovulation cycle. I was so doing it all wrong with testing once a day and with the first urine of the morning and felt like I wasn't getting a surge when I thought I should be getting it.
So, lately I've been testing 2-3 times a day after 10am and have had faded test lines UNTIL THIS AFTERNOON AT 11:30! Which shocked me because it's CD17. I hear from friends that it's normal to have an LH surge from CD8 to CD 17/18. I've been telling my DP that I feel like I'm going to ovulate because I'm so in touch with my body that I can feel things on my left ovarian side. Body temp is up so wish us luck as I go in for my IUI tomorrow (Monday) a.m. : )


  • Yeah! This is so exciting! I wish I could get everyone to understand that you must test several times a day! And yes, you can feel your body ovulate if you just listen close enough. :) Keep testing your BBT...we want the numbers to stay up!

    Good luck today! Stick baby, stick!
  • good luck... and baby dust to you...

    I recently did a posting on testing ovulation because i tested the entire week and no positive but i had a few of the signs in the beginning of the week so, next month we will test more often.. Hope all goes well keep us posted.
  • Thanks ladies!
    My IUI went well. I trusted my body's signals and kept testing while I felt pressure in my left ovarian area. Wasn't sure if I had already ovulated and missed it or if it was going to happen. Any who...I was so glad to see the positive LH surge yesterday and went in for my IUI at 7am this morning (Monday, July 6th)! My RE nurse said the cervix was open and mucus looked great...lots of great mucus. Most people would be grossed out by that but for us...it's a great thing! It went so smoothly. She slid right past the cervix and right into the uterus. I definitely felt something for the next 7-8 hrs and now...not as much pressure in the ovarian area which I think is good. Means it has moved on. : ) I'm feeling so relaxed about it. Not like before. I'm hopeful but as I have said many times...I won't give up my positivity if for some reason it doesn't take. Hopefully the many "signs" I have been exposed to lately will come to mean something in 2 weeks. Maybe I'm not so worried about the TWW as I am thinking more about having a positive healthy full term pregnancy when it does happen.

    Until then...share your success with me because I have 20 nieces and nephews that I adore and my sisters are waiting for the good news that we will be having our own. I love kids!

    Best to you all! : ) I will KYP...
  • Great attitude!

    20 nieces and nephews, wow! That has to make for some fun holidays! Carla and I were talking the other day about how great this Thanksgiving and Christmas will be...we will have Reece there. We get excited just thinking about it. :)
  • Wow a surge on CD17!!! I'm so glad you were constantly testing or you would have missed it! My nurse always tells me to do 1st thing in the morning and nothing further, why oh why do they give us all conflicting info!?!

    Any way....sooooo happy you didn't miss anything. Good luck and I'll send good vibes to you. I'm in my 2WW too, but I feel as though AF is heading my way and that I'm not pregs but we'll know soon enough.
    Good luck!!!!!!
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