Pregnant with 13304 - anyone else

Got pregnant on the first try (IUI) with 13304 - wondering if there are others who successfully used this donor and are interested in staying in touch


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    did you use meds?
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    I did - chlomid. 8 weeks and going well.
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    Congrats! Did you have a boy? Girl? We used this donor and had twin girls on the second try. Unfortunately we just miscarried our last try. So glad we used this donor because our girls couldn't be more perfect.
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    I gave birth to twin girls on 2/9/14 - and would love to communicate / exchange pics of our children ...i am so grateful to our donor and want to be as honest and open with my children as possible.

    Please email me at hngauthier@gmail.com
    Or call 318-393-9085

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    We have been hoping to try again with this donor, but vials are no longer available online.

    Do any of you have additional vials of donor 13304 that you would be interested in selling? If so, please email me at wood.ag23@gmail.com.

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    We are also interested in vials from 13304. Does anyone want to split the cost to reactivate 13304? We have two,perfect girls and want another try.
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    savvymom23savvymom23 Posts: 3
    edited September 11, 2021 4:43AM

    I have a daughter who was born in May 2014 from donor 13304. I would love to have contact with her siblings families. Please e-mail me at atimeforchange@live.com

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