!st IUI in 2 days???

ok this is my 1st IUI, and I'm still a lil confussed. My partner and I have been trying on and off for 3 years, to no avail. Last April I married a gay Military man! He is great! So we had been doing the donation in a cup, then my partne would use a medicine syringe to do the insemination! This for a whole year! But now the Military covers infertility!! thank the lord!! : )
So my period was on May 3rd, cycle day 3 I started clomid again, then on cycle day 10, i went in, and they did the blood work and my lvl was at 436 and i have 4 folicles, that they said look great, but were not quiet mature enough, that was on Mon. 5/11 then i had to go back on fri,the 15th at that point my lvl had almost doubled to 971 now today, sat i have to do the trigger shot at home, it is 10,000 units of HCG. then i go in on mon. morning for them to do the IUI, I never did an opk test! I guess the Dr. did that by blood work, and my folicle size? now i guess i have 4 eggs? If u have any answersfor me, or could just calm my nevers that would rock!! Ty Dani, and Bev! : )


  • Dani~

    When doing the trigger shot, you do not worry about the OPK. The doctor determined when to "induce" your ovulation, based on your hormone level & follicle size. You do the trigger shot (Hcg) at the time they want to induce your ovulation (ovulation should occur 36 hr after injection).

    Best of luck to you! Hope one of those follicles produces a healthy pregnancy!
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