dating and ttc

Hello everyone,

I don't know if this has already been answered but how do you explain ttc to a date. Do you just not say anything until it's more serious ? I've been holding off dating while ttc but my friends ask why can't I do both ? Has anyone else delt with this issue ? I may be thinking too much about this , but that's just me lol.. Once something is out there, It's in my head now silly I know ! Please let me know what you think ladies.
Best wishes and babydust to all..

K Walton


  • I'd wait until things get more serious... BUT before things get TOO serious... if you know what I'm talking about. Don't put off what will be a extremely emotional situation... for you and your partner.

    Once I decided to do this, I quit looking for "my other half". I figured that this is the reason why I'm going through this... I waited too long... and, as soon as I quit looking, guess who showed up??:-)

    My other half and I had this discussion... he freaked out for a bit... "what in the world??" THEN he got NOSY!!!:-) Now he wants to know everything... and I mean EVERYTHING... he's a geek (but a sweet one) and you know they need details, details, DETAILS!!;-) So, I have to know what's going on with me... ALL the time. And, now that I'm in the TWW, it's a good thing that I have unlimited texting on my cell... upwards of 40 messages a day are FROM him!!

    Guess what? He's looking forward to my babies as much as I am... even though he knows he's not or won't be their father. I explained to him that it's important to me that my children have the same two parents... and he understood that and why I don't want to wait any longer.

    Tell your "other half" only WHEN you're sure the other half is going to stay and you're going to be initimate with your partner.
  • It depends is your "other half" a man or a woman because it makes a huge differance!!!
  • Well... my other half is a guy but even if he wasn't, I'd still wait until things get more serious... there's no sense in involving someone in your extreme personal life if they're not serious about sticking around.
  • Thanks ladies,
    I'm a single 40 yr lesbian , I'd love to meet someone special but my priority is ttc this yr. That's most important to me ... My friends our a bit nosey about my love lfe lol.. I think I would tell a potential partner if we're getting serious. I think for now dating is just not that important to me . I think I'll meet someone when I least expect it ! Good luck everyone..

    K Walton
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