Donor 12881

Hello, Im preparing myself to be a single mom and Im very excited about the donors ive seen here. Id like to know a little more about the staffs views on donor 12881 looks. Is he handsome? How green are his eyes? And how close a resemblance does he have to Tom Welling? I have to admit I have a girls crush on the actor, so..
Besides, he has a slight resemblance to my dad, whom I want the child to look like.
Thank you very much for your help


  • Also, in his profile it says his frame is large, but what does that mean exactly? Does he have a large structure, large bones or is he a little overweight? How many successful pregnancies? Hes my number one option right now and Id like to know as much as possible about him.
    Thank you!:)
  • Hello! I gave birth to my son on 11-26-2013. I used donor 12881. He is healthy , smart and handsome. Hope to connect!
    I am a single mom by choice.

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