another newbie, syringe help pls

Hi there, I hope to start this process in the next few weeks and was wondering what type of syringe to get and where I can get it. Any tips or ideas would be most helpful. Also Im a little confused as to what the difference between A.R.T vials and premium vials is. Im going to try doing this at home so I dont have any special medical conditions. I guess Im looking to get the one with a higher sperm count so I have a higher chance of getting pregnant, right?


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    ART vials have lower counts, because if you're doing IVF, you don't need many sperm. The designations as ART-ICI and ART-IUI are misnomers in my opnion, because the ART vials aren't meant for ICI or IUI. ART-unwashed and ART-washed would be more accurate designations.

    Premium's probably what you want.
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