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Hi All,
So I just got my period yesterday and will be doing 1st IUI in June. My Dr. told me to call them when I got my May period, which I just did. And I am going in for an appointment today. What should I expect?? Are they going to look at my follicles?? Does that entail a vaginal ultrasound, does it hurt??? I'm scared!


  • Congrats on starting your first IUI cycle! Very exciting!

    I don't know what your doctor will do at your appointment today, I never had one the day after I got my period. My doctor always had me call the day of my period, and then they'd call in a clomid 'script and I start that day 5-9 and then go in on cycle day 12 if I hadn't surged by then to do a follicle scan and possibly a trigger shot.

    Good luck, and keep us updated!
  • Dont be scared be excited!!! YAY!!! no part of the process hurts (physically!)
  • And BTW GOOD LUCK!!!
  • Hi Everybody
    So I just got back from the doctors and I did have an ultrasound to check for cysts. And the dr. said everything looks good for my IUI in June. And it did not hurt at all, it was a very small probe! I had all of my bloodwork done today as well including FSH and Estradiol.

    Baby dust to all!
  • I know that the next time you need to contact them is when you get your LH surge so they can schedule you for the IUI. I got my surge last Sunday and had my IUI on Monday morning... that was the most interesting part. I didn't feel anything until she started injecting the sperm into my uterus and then there was only a slight pressure... no pain at all. Hope you are as lucky with that as I was... currently, I'm in the TWW!!
  • Alivin
    we are using the same donor...5575 right? weird we are almost on the same cycle I should get my period in two days if it comes on time. And we should do our first cycle of IUI in June. This is really cool I hope it works for both of us!!!!!
  • Hi Vic

    Yes we are using the same donor and are basically on the same cycle!! I just got my period on the 14th and went yesterday for all f my blood work including the FSH and Estradiol test that needed to be done on day 2 or 3 of your period. I'm so tempted to just do the IUI this month since I was supposed to be graduating and defending my dissertation june 5th and now that may be on hold. If I have to wait to defend until September why bother waiting until June to start. My partner is freaking out now that I told her hey honey we may get pregnant in 2 weeks!!! My life right now is just an emotional rollercoaster with finishing my dissertation. I just can't wait to get on with this process.

    5575 Baby dust to both of us!!
  • We are waiting for my period so we can call the doc. Then we start monitoring for surge then they should do IuI the day after we get the positive surge. so it looks like early June for us. My birthday is coming up at the end of the month so I couldnt think of a better present than to get pregnant a week after. Where are y'all located? we are in South Carolina.
    Sending Baby Dust you way!!!!!
  • Hi Vic,
    We are in San Diego. That would be the most amazing birthday gift to yourself ever. My Birthday was May 2nd, so that would still be a great gift to me to if we got pregnant in June! Yeah I've been monitoring my surge for the last month. It is all very exciting!
  • Good luck ladies!
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