appt with a clinical social worker?

Hi, everyone, How many of you have had to have an appt with a clinical social worker before being donor inseminated as a single mom to be? I didn't realize this was even a possibility. But saw from someone else's post that it was . I can't even stand the thought of someone deciding whether or not THEY deem me fit to be a mother. Other women don't have to go through this to be a mom, so why do SMBC have to. How common is this required to be evaluated by a CSW? Please let me know.


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    The RE we used was the only one in our entire state who would work with other-than-straight-married-couples. (State law specifically allows DI for married couples; DI for anyone else is alegal, so the other REs saw it as a risk not worth taking.) He did require a visit with a counselor, but it was really no big deal - she primarily assessed whether I was competent to make decisions. And we knew in advance that the only person who had ever been dis-recommended by the counselor was turned down on grounds of questionable mental competency.

    I find that a thick skin is a useful trait for parents to have, myself. :)
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    Thanks for the response, what area of the country do you live in. I haven't heard anything about donor insemination on single women being illegal here. I know our local RE does work with single women as I have asked his office.
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    It's not illegal here, it's alegal (neither expressly permitted nor expressly forbidden). I live in Oklahoma.
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