Were having a GIRL!!

Found out yesterday at our 18 week Ultrasound that were having a baby girl!! She healthy and was moving all over the place and even waved to us! It was amazing to see her!! Good luck to everyone still trying, it will happen and its so worth it!!!


  • YEAH!! BRING ON THE GIRLS!! So, decided on her name yet??
  • Welcome to Team Pink!!!!! Congratulations!
  • CONGRATS!!!!!! That is wonderful news!
    I can not wait until we see our sweeties in a week and half. Dp will be 15.5 weeks and we are so hoping to find out a little early. Our BIG u/s is in a month.
    How exciting for you!Congrats again!
  • Congrats! Love these moments and the rest to come : )
  • momx2...we found out at 15 weeks too! Good luck!
  • Thanks everyone!! We are beyond excited!! We decided on Chloe Teagan for her first and middle name!!!
  • Congratulations!!! Did either of you actually "try" for a girl? And if so, what did you do? Dp and I have a son, and would love to have a daughter as well, but I don't want to do anything too drastic, and I don't want to jeapordize our chances of conceiving at all, by trying 3 days before ovulating... I love the name Chloe (and Teagan as well)!! How exciting!!!
  • Beautiful name!
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