SEEKING: Extra vials or half-siblings of donor 14197


My wife and I have a beautiful, almost 5 month old little boy from donor 14197. We are interested in finding out if he has any half-siblings the only ones listed on the sibling registry...

We are also insterested in expanding our family within the next year or so and really wish to do it with 14197 but he is no longer available. We are reaching out to see if anyone who used him has any extra vials they may be willing to part with.

Thank you


  • Hello!

    I have a little girl from the same donor but did not purchase extra vials.

    She was born 01/2017. Did you have any pregnancy issues? I had severe preclampsia and they said it comes from the male sperm.


  • Hello! Happy to hear about your little one :)

    I had a very easy pregnancy, no issues. My biggest complaint was how tired I was... interesting to hear it comes from the male sperm, I’ve never heard of that being the cause.

  • Yes, I contacted the other mother on the registry list and she also had severe preeclampsia and also delivered at 32 weeks. I am not sure I would invest in him again because it can be very difficult and I almost died in the process. All the doctors warned to pick a different donor. Just a precaution if you are able to buy more of his.

    She is thriving and a fire cracker of a toddler. So happy to hear about your little one too!

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    Wow! My little guy was 8 days late (41 weeks, 1 day) and I ultimately ended up having a c-section after 20 hours in labor. He just didn’t want to come out! Now he’s 2.5 and a hell of an independent little man!

    Any interest in keeping in contact/chatting more? I’m not sure how to message privately on here so it’s not on the message boards.

  • Hello! We have two littles with 14197. Interested in talking if anyone wants to!

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