Well, we have made it to 15dpiui, I was supposed to call my Dr. on day 13 and set up, my blood preg,test for day 14, but I forgot!! WOW???

I have an appt. on Sun, the 5th, So plz keep us in ur prayers, and hopefully I will have good news for everyone?? HOPEFULLY!!! OH yea and BABY DUST!! : ) We will KUP!


Dani & Bev~


  • Good luck! The signs are promising! We'll be thinking of you!

  • caliseastar~

    Thank You very much for your words of encouragement!! It means ALOT to us! : ) We will KUP.... And Thank You for thinking of us!!


    Dani & Bev~
  • Dani...have you not tested at home? OMG...the anticipation is killing me!!! :)

    Good luck and KUP!
  • MistyandCarla~

    I wish I could, one of my meds. messes up hm pregnancy test! So I have to wait till sun. which is tommorrow!! BTW Happy 4th of July!!!! : ) But so far so good, for now, I will KUP as soon as I know something!!! Pray for us plz!!!

    Thank You for thinking of us! : )

    Dani & Bev~
  • Oh, that's terrible! So, today is 17 dpiui, isn't it? What day do you normally start AF? Are you having any symptoms?

    Happy 4th to you girls too! I'm praying this is it for you!
  • Crossing my fingers for you both : )
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