Viable Follicle Size

Here I am on my 6th IUI 225 menopur and 75 Bravelle each day. Last month was cancelled since not one follicle was over 13 and I surged on my own without trigger. So, my follies don't develop as quicly as needed in order to be considered viable. These facts make me wonder what is considered viable. Day 8 I have one 14.5, 3 12's and one 11. Can anyone help me with any info in regards to viable follice size specifically if any have resulted in pregnancy or if you are not pregnant and were told that you did have viable ones? Just any info in regards to viable size would be appreciated.

Thank you and good luck to you.


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    Wow Hill, you're doing great this time. For injectable IUI, they said that follicle sizes around 17-18mm or above are good.

    You are only on day 8, and have great 5 follicles.
    I really wish that you get pg this time. You still have four-six more days, and follicles grow 2mm/day. So by the time of ovulation, all of those follicles are ready to go at that time. Also keep HCG shot around 36 hours for single IUI.

    God bless us all.
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    Thanks hannaha however I surged on my own. I was told to stop to take trigger today. I forgot to ask if I should use the menopur/cocktail as well this evening. Since I am surging on my own I will have to go in AM for IUI since surge was early this AM. My follies this AM were 21, 16.1,15 14 and 13.5. BTW I am on CD 10 day and took injectibles day 3-9 so for seven days.

    I am hoping that I at least have 2 viable follies. I think I better only take the ovidrel not the other tonight. Does anyone have experience with this before I page my RE because I think I am only supposed to take the trigger.

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    Wow you a re a good follie maker! I have switched RE's, and my first said anything over 14 was considered viable, and my current one says anything over 12, although he does agree the ones over 14 have a better chance. Either way yours look great!
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    My RE always liked to see my follicles at least 16mm preferably around 18mm would be even better. I was on Clomid for days 3-7 when I got pregnant with our first daughter and Bravelle 150IU days 3-9 with my second daughter. Hope this helps!
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    I had an u/s today, CD 17 and my only viable follicle is 17.5 mm. I havene't surged yet according to the opk. RE said she would induce ovulation on Monday if I don't surge by Sunday night. This is my first attempt at IUI. I'm really hoping it works the first time out!
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