3rd day Ultrasound-I'm scared!

Tomorrow I will have a blood work and then at another facility the ultrasound. I will then begin taking Chlomed on Wednesday and repeat the lab work on the following Monday. My f/u Dr.'s appointment is On November 13th. Since I am 44 I am so scared that my levels will be too high and I won't be able to continue with the clinic.

What's frustrating is that I have been unable to find any information either via the internet or books that explain what to expect. I need a book entitled Insemination for Dummies-Before During and After. or What to expect when your a single mother by choice. But alas, it is yet to be written. Hmmm maybe I should write it... Okay I've vented and I actually feel better now. Well until we speak again...bye


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    You can't find information on the Clomid challenge, or on the transvaginal ultrasound, or on how to interpret the results of the bloodwork?

    Expected hormone levels here: http://www.infertilityspecialist.com/female_infertility_tests.html

    Info on the Clomid challenge here: http://www.infertilityspecialist.com/female_infertility_tests_clomid_challenge.htm

    Ultrasound info here: http://womenshealth.suite101.com/article.cfm/transvaginal_ultrasound The ultrasound is completely harmless. I found IUIs somewhat trying, but didn't mind the ultrasounds at all.
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    thank you allyphoe, the sites were very helpful. I did not see them until i posted my new note. thank you.
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