How many vials per IUI

I am new to this, but am wondering how many vials should you use per IUI procedure and how many would you suggest to order/store, etc.
I have had 3 pregnancies ( 2 miscarriages due to low progesterone, and 1 birth) with my ex. My current husband and I will be using a donor, and I'm wondering should I try first with 1 vial and then if it doesn't take, try 2 vials the next month? Did you purchase the vials you planned to use for that procedure or did you purchase more assuming you would be trying again next month and what was the outcome? How many of you are storing the same donor for a future attempt at pregnancy? I know everyone is different, but I'm just trying to get some advice on what most of you do. Thanks for all the help.


  • They use one vial per IUI. I purchased 3 at first but it didn't work and my donor had sold out so I had to pick a new donor. Once again I purchased 3. I guess I was being optimistic again.
  • Do they always use 1 per IUI? I had read somewhere that if you wanted to use 2 to increase your chances, that was an option-? I'm being optimistic and assuming it will work within 3 tries since I've had no problems getting pregnant in the past. Baby dust to us....

    When you get pregnant with a donor, do you think or have you ordered more vials to store for a future pregnancy so that the children had the same donor?
  • I just did my first IUI, and doctor insisted on doing two in one cycle, back-to-back, to insure results. So I used two vials. Have not thought about buying more yet, though he said the quality of the specimens was excellent. I will post here if it is successful.
  • My RE only uses 1 vial per IUI but I have heard of other places that use 2. I don't know if it is an option but you could definitely discuss it with your doc to see what he/she prefers.
    Crazy.. but we purchased 10 vials when we found the right one hoping for future children. Plus the storage is free if you buy 10 or more for 3 years!! Thank God too since we used 5 vials to get our first BFP!
  • I've never heard or read an RE using more than 1 vial per IUI. Some DO recommend doing 2 IUIs back to back, which would use a total of 2 vials but that's for the whole cycle over 2 days, not the 1 IUI.

    I've had 7 IUIs so far and I did the same thing as Kayla. I bought 3 vials because my RE said that the average success rate is within 3-4 IUIs. We were hoping for good odds since I've got no fertility issues. Got pregnant on the first one but lost it early. Used all 3 vials and no baby and that donor had sold out. We poured over the donors again and had to choose another. We bought 3 more in the hopes the very next one would be successful and we'd have 2 left over for a future child. Well, those 3 didn't take either and our NEW donor had also sold out so we had to choose for a 3rd time. I think we're just under a bad luck cloud right now as all the tests the RE had me do have come back fine.

    My RE has a lab with facilities capable of long term storage so I didn't store any with CCB, I shipped them all at the time of purchase.

    WHEN we get pregnant, I'm definitely ordering 3 or 4 more vials of that donor for future children. The donors just sell out too fast and my search already narrows the pool down pretty small.

    Good luck, and baby dust to all!!!
  • Thank you all and good luck! I appreciate all the information very much!
  • I have done procedures with 2 vials. It just increases your chances of getting pregnant. I would ask your doctor. I think it can only help you as your chances increase.
  • I bought 4 vials and I watch my donor's vials daily. I plan to buy 4 more in another month. Should my donor go low I plan to buy up the rest of them if possible. I have my first IUI in about a week. I plan to have one more after this pregnancy so I will buy up as much as I can because I really want the children to have the same donor.
    I also plan to ask my doc if we can do 2 IUIs this cycle because I really want an Aries baby like myself!
  • so I am about to do my first iui w donor 14102. has anyone had a pregnancy with this donor?
    I was thinking of purchasing two vials for iui. how many vials are typically used for one session? I have my consultation the 28th/I am hopeful I can get pregnant the first cycle/I just had a baby naturally and she died 9 days after her birth. sids. totally heart is broken and I want to be pregnant as of yesterday.
  • I'm using donor 14102 soon. D56 wrote a post on 8/14/15 so I was wondering if you got pregnant and also if you have vials to sell? I'm new to this.
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