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Here is my history: My husand and I have had 3 IUI's using only clomid (no trigger no monitoring) that were unsuccessful with ICI premium purchased and the washing done at the RE's. I am 34yrs old have always had normal LH, FSH, Estrogen.

Now this cycle I am monitored using Menopur 75 injections (FSH), on day 7. I had my second u's today and have 4 follies (18,12,10,8), lining 1, estrogen 87 and lh 30. I was told they were good numbers and my injections should remain the same no need to inscrease. I think I am safe from being over stimulated well I think I am because I do not think you can grow more follies at this stage but honestly did not remeber to ask that. RE made a comment today I was not responding to clomid but since first 3 were not monitored there was no way to know that.

I have elected this time to purchase IUI premium and not have to worry about washing post thaw at RE's. I am now trying to find something online that shows me what exacty "normal" numbers are for estrogen/LH or if there is anyone else out there that can tell me if they have had success with a similiar numbers.

If anyone can help with any info, I would appreciate it. I am not sure if my levels are normal or if I will continue to make follies.

Thanks so much to anyone that responds.


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    I've never heard of doctor's testing for LH. A normal level for FSH on day three of your cycle is typically anything less than 10. 10-15 is borderline and 20 in usually considered too high to attempt pregnancy. But, it can vary by lab depending on how the test is done, so it's most important to go by what you doctor says. Estradiol/estrogen on day three should be less than 75. On three different occasions my FSH was 8.2, 9.4 and 9. My estradiol was in the mid-30s every time it was tested, as far as I know. Even though my FSH is close to 10, my doctor said that as long as it's under 10, that's all the matters. I'm 28 and have a daughter from a natural IUI cycle (no drugs). I think you made the right choice by buying the IUI premium; that is what we have always used. Good luck to you!
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    Thank you so much. Maybe I was wrong and it is my FSH. I am going to be sure I ask tomorrow when I go for my u/s and labs. I wish you the best of luck as well.
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