I finally went to the doctor!!

I had bought my vials 6 months ago and only until now today I finally went to the doctor!! I was incredibly nervous but everything went well. The doctor performed a vaginal untrasound and noticed I had 3 follicles(i´m sure thats not the name of it) but he said that if I was to get pregnant this instant I would have TRIPLETS!! He said I ovulate a LOT and that I am VERY fertile!!So he said that I should take birth control pills for awhile to normalize my ovulation so I dont produce many(follicles?)...

But I honestly dont wanna take birt control pills cause I wanna have whatever God intends me to have, have twins or triplets or whatever nature/God decided, u know what I mean? How can I tell him that? He will examine me in a couple days and do an untrasound and if he still sees that I am ovulating a lot he will ask me why I havent taken the birh control pills to lower my levels of ovulation. How do I tell him I dont wanna do that? Thanks. Much appreciated.


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    First of all, Congratulations on getting this far! How exciting!

    Secondly, it's your body. Tell him exactly what you just told us about taking what God gives you. Nothing else needs said! JMO, but I wouldn't take them either! :)
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    Too true... congrats on three follicles. On my ultrasound, I had two... one on each ovary.

    I had my U/S on Friday, got the + on my OPT on Sunday afternoon and had my IUI on Monday morning. God knows what HE wants you to have... trust him... you got three for a reason. Do what YOU feel is right... you won't regret that!!
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    Hi, thank you girls for your support!! :) Next time I go to the RE I will be honest with him and tell him I didnt take the pills cause I wanna do whats right for me, have what God wants ME to have..God knows best..I hope doctor respects that..

    Congrats on ur pregnancy MistyandCarla..Much baby dust to you ualtigger! :)
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    Thanks hon... and if he doesn't respect your wishes... GET ANOTHER DOCTOR! You want one that will be happy for you... not sulking 'cause you didn't do what he wanted you to... men... I swear. Sometimes you can't live with 'em but you'll go to jail for killin' 'em!! :-)
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    I agree with ualtigger...GET ANOTHER DOCTOR! :)
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