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04/14/08 3:51 PM

Hi everyone, my GF and I are on IUI #3 with donor # 11009 and are just wondering if anyone else has used him and whether you got a BFP. Also, what sperm count did everyone have? I am a little concerned about our donor's count, but I think I am just being paranoid. Thanks everyone.

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08/28/08 7:52 PM

i have a beautiful baby girl from this donor. 1st insemination but also on clomid

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09/03/08 12:42 PM

Katyyoung2, yay!!!!! So glad to hear it!!! I am now pregnant with a boy (I am 22 weeks pregnant) with this donor. It's funny, it was actually from the IUI referenced in my post of 4/14/08. OMG I was so excited to see your reply, you have no idea. : ) How awesome! If you want to connect, my email is: [email protected]


  • Hi Roe&Alisha.
    This is the first time I've tried to look up my donor and I'm so excited to find other women who've also been successful. It sounds like you're due right around the same time as me! I'm currently 23 weeks 5 days with a girl from this donor. I'm due January 12th. When are you due? I was also successful on IUI #3. What a great coincidence! This is my first child and I will be a single mom. Thanks for starting this thread!
  • Hey Jzhende, how cool! I am due January 9, 2009 (I have to have a c-section due to a prior surgery, so I will be having the baby on December 26, 2008). I am soooo excited to have heard from other women using this donor. This is awesome. Please feel free to email me any time. My email is in this thread. I would love to keep in touch! : ) Also I check this site periodically, let's keep the thread going!!! : )
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