We're Pregnant! Donor #11211

Well ladies, we are happy to announce that we are finally pregnant! We tried 14 times before we succeeded. We did two (2) ICI's at home and twelve (12) IUI's at the fertility clinic. We took a two (2) month break after the 13th try because we were stressing out and I think it paid off! We used donor #11211 and are expecting a baby boy in July!!!!!

Don't lose faith, ladies. Timing, patience, and faith are all important!


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    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! My partner and I are trying with this same donor, so please keep us posted with how everything is going. I am so happy for you both. Did you use the same donor everytime, if so, how were his numbers after washing? We have only tried one time with him, and it didnt take but we have purchased enough for family tomorrow, so hopefully his numbers are good. I am so glad to hear that he has a pregnancy!! Where do ya'll live? You can probably tell we are from Texas (Houston area). Congratulations again!!!
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    Everything is going great. We are approaching our 22nd week. We used 11211 once. We used 4 other donors over 1 1/2 years without success. His numbers were high... I think 21 million, but we used Premium IUI. We're in Florida (Orlando area). Thanks for the congrats!!!
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    Congrats ladies, I am so happy for you both. You're story has given me hope. I've had 6 failed attempts and waiting results now for my 7th try.
    Thank you for sharing with us and we wish your family the best!
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    congratulations, glad the baby dust finally came your way after so many tries!
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    Pam and Lollie,

    I noticed thaton donor 11211 he still has no reported pregnancies on his profile, have ya'll notified the bank? I was just wondering because I was curious if they updated it as soon as its reported or if they waited until after the baby is born?

    Congrats again!!!
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    We didn't use CCB, but the bank that we used doesn't post a pregnancy until after the baby is born. They told me that if someone called them and ask if any pregnancies were reported that they could tell them that one was conceived, but that it wouldn't be on the profile until after the birth.

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