Hi Everybody,
I have a few questions for those of you who have gone through medicated cycles.
I did my first IUI on 3/10/09, Iam almost over my 2ww, but still don't have any news to share. I tested on 7dpo BFN (What was I thinking) it was just a test. Then tested again 10dpo BFN, then again on 12dpo BFN. I won't test again until wed 3/25/09 or a day after in case I don't see AF. I haven't had any symptoms, except for a stabbing-like pain 7dpo, then headaches almost everyday, but again it might be that I quit my caffeine dossage recently. My BB are sore, they usually get tender by ovulation day, but that's about it. I've been charting my BBT every morning, they have been on the 38+ range. I don't have any apparent fertility problems and my cycle was a natural one. I was wondering, in the event that I actually get my period, would it be a good idea to use meds this time? I mean, I think it would increase my chances since more than one follie might develop, right?
BB dust to us all!!!


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    Hey Dane1122
    I tryed one unmedicated cycle and only had one follie too. I did try clomid for two cycles and then I moved on to clomid plus injectables. I have had up to 3 follie's at once. It can't hurt!! Don't give up yet on being pregnant you never know!!! Stay positive. You sound like me during the two week wait. I love to test early!! I get someone to hide my test from me and they will not allow me to test until 12dpo. Good luck
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    Hi Cholland59411,
    I know what you mean about testing. And the funny thing is. I can feel Iam pregnant, and I don't have any symptoms, but Iam not the headache-type person. The pain I had 7DPO cannot be other than implantation. I don't want to get my hopes up, less yet after 3 BFN, but maybe I want to be so possitive that I ended up believing it. My timing was perfect, my progesterone was 20, my counts/motility above average. And Iam due the day after tomorrow and I don't even have cramps. I don't know what to think. :-)
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    You say that you've been temping, so my question is this...has your temp stayed up? As long as your temp doesn't dip, it sounds very promising to me.

    I know what you mean when you say tht you feel pregnant. I also said the same thing to my partner. I tested at 11 DPO and it was negative and then on 12 DPO it was positive. (We're 12 weeks and 4 days) Don't give up until AF shows her ugly head...you're never out until then. I'm going to remain optimistic with you...keep thinking happy baby thoughts!

    Good luck and KUP!
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    Thanks MistyandCarla,
    Definetely things are not getting any better. I tested again yesterday 13DPO and got a BFN. So this time I said I really needed to wait until tomorrow. But this morning when I got out of bed, I felt like I was gonna fall. I felt so lightheaded, then I thought that maybe I got up to fast (deep inside me I know I didn't)But well I will know in 24 hrs.
    Oh and another detail from today as well 14DPO lots of watery CM. I really don't know what this means????
    BTW, yes temps have been above 38.
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    I had the IUI done on March 12th and tested positive last night! Headaches, sick stomach, hot flashes and high BBT were all my symptoms! Good Luck to you!
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    dane1122...I'm telling you...you are pregnant girl! I had the CM issue too! I knew that I only got CM 2 days before I ovulated, but it never went away until about 3 weeks after my BFP! Hang in there! Stay positive and I'll expect an update tomorrow that says that you got a BFP! :)

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