First IUI and Storm Nemo

Hi ladies,

I finally made the decision to go ahead and be a single mom in December and have been reading posts since then.

I've been working really hard over the last couple of months with diet, vitamins, foods, acupuncture, tracking BBT for 3 months and some basic lifestyle changes -- no more running long distances or late nights out with the girls and lots of wine :) I met with my fertility doctor 3 weeks ago and things have moved along quickly since then, cycle timing appointment openings etc all just seemed to be aligned.

The concerns are that I have endometriosis, am 39, and a short luteal phase. Blood work came back at mostly good levels. Turns out I am also hypothroid so have been trying to adjust to that medicine and had an elevated CA 125 so I had to have a sonogram which showed a cyst but Drs weren't concerned about it. Progesterone lasted throughout the luteal phase so with all of that we decided that we'd give it a go with this cycle!

That gave me about 5 days to finalize my donor (went with 12954) handle logistics and get it delivered to my Dr. The plan was to do this IUI without meds other than the ovidrel trigger.

Had 1st u/s CD12 which showed only 2 follicles 9mm on left and 14.5 on the right but my BW came back strong so plan changed to have me self administer the trigger tonight and then IUI saturday. Then the Storm Nemo warnings started. Looks like we won't be able to get into the office so now we are on another plan, delaying ovulation.

Today I started Follistim and Gonirelix and will inject them tmrw too. Late saturday night I do Ovidrel trigger and then IUI on Monday CD17. Meds weren't my first choice but I am trying to stay calm and positive. After I was done freaking out about a nor' easter ruining my IUI timing and then getting over having to inject myself that is :) Now, I hope that perhaps this storm delay will mean my follicles have a better chance to grow bigger and make for a stronger chance for a positive IUI.

Just wanted to share my story on this journey as I know it's helped me read all of the others in this forum.

Nervous and excited for Monday to arrive already!


  • Good luck! The injections aren't bad at all, the idea of them is worse than actually doing them. I never wanted to go the meds way either but figured I'll do whatever is available to improve my chances. Hang in there and keep busy!
  • It sounds like you are doing all of the right things. Try not to stress over the things you can't control. I'm doing my first IUI on Sunday, so we are right there together. I'm excited to start my journey as well. Best of luck!!
  • good luck bl6866!
  • Thanks jaimec!

    Good luck bl6866, sending you lots of positive thoughts today :)
  • Mary, there are a few of us 12954 users that you can connect with! He just became available in July but a few already have babies due as early as June and some of us are in the process of our first IUIs also. Do a search on the bulletin board home page for 12954 and it will show you the discussion threads so you can connect! It's a cool group and at least 2 of us (that I know of) are also 38/39 & single like you :). Good luck & hope to see you in the 12954 discussions! ~Sarah
  • Thanks Sarah!
  • Hi bl6866, hope all went well on sunday!!
  • Thanks MsMaryT and jaimec. All went well and I've started my 2ww. I hope all went well for you on Monday! Sending lots of positive vibes!
  • super confused.

    I've been very very tired which I believe is the progesterone I am taking but the last 2 days I "felt" like this first IUI may have actually worked! BBT went up a lot both days, boobs were beyond normal PMS tender, more sensitive to strong odors, cramping but not normal PMS cramping.

    Today, 10 DPI, it all seems gone :( I go in tmrw for my blood test but it's making me sad none the less.
  • Don't fret MsMaryT! I've been up and down every day since my first IUI as well. SIt is so hard not to notice everything going on in your body during this 2ww. I'm sending positive vibes for a BFP for you tomorrow. Good Luck!
  • Good luck tomorrow!!!!
  • Thanks!!! Sending lots of positive thoughts your way too bl6866. Do you test today?
  • I test on Sunday. I'm so anxious!

    I hope all went well for you!
  • So for those waiting MsMaryT what was the results? bl6866 good luck as well. Tell us what happened.
  • Negative for me this time :(
  • Sorry to hear it MsMaryT but keep your faith, my RE doc told me to just be patient for the first 3 attempts, then to reevaluate but even the healthiest, youngest women out there attempting IUI usually take more than one try to get pregnant. My fingers are crossed for you that your next round is full of sticky baby dust!
  • Hang in there MsMaryT. I was also told that it takes 3-4 times on average to get a positive result and it can be more than that depending on your particular situation.

    I had a faint positive this morning, so I am worried it is just a chemical pregnancy. I'm going to follow up with my doctor to find out for sure. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
  • Oh yay! That is positive news bl6866! I am most definitely sending lots of positive thoughts your way :)
  • Bl6866 Congrats. You are pregnant or did you take a lot of meds while trying to conceive? I had a faint line to my first time I tested with no meds. When I called the doc they said yep and I did not have to be tested. They tested me any how and now a year later (my IUI was a year ago today and tomorrow), I have a healthy little boy. He is 5 months old came 2 months early, but he is amazing.

    I hope to hear lots more BFP out there. It does happen. I was getting frustrated right before I found out I was pregnant, so don't give up and keep busy everyone.
  • Well ladies, I lost this one. :( I am super disappointed, but still hopeful this will happen for me. Hope everyone else is having better luck! baby dust to all
  • I am so sorry bl6866, I'm on IUI 2, and in my 2ww with like 6 days left until blood test, pretty sure it didnt work. feeling pretty low....hope things work out for you next time around!
  • Oh BL I am so sorry! On the positive side at least you know know that the fertilization is possible.

    Tomigrl5, hang in there! That wait was tough the first time and I would imagine not any easier the 2nd.

    Hopefully the 2nd time will be a charm for us all!
  • Hugs to you BL. It is hard, I know but things will look up. I hate to say this but things happen for a reason. I know it is horrible to say but you know that you can get pregnant.

    Not sure if you guys know this one either most first time pregnancies end in miscarriage. Not sure of the statistics, but they do.

    Keep your chin up and this is a great forum to get support.
  • Yes, I had a mc 2 years ago, very tough. Hang in there!
  • Hey friends! Just checking in to see if there are any updates with this donor? We have two boys, ages 6 and 3. There’s a FB group we’ve stared with other moms who have used this donor! Feel free to email me [email protected] if you’d like to connect!

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