Strange request from DR.

I went to DR. today for 12 day ultrasound and had no follicles. The first IUI I had one. First I was on 50mg of clomid, then 100mg, and now he has upped it to 150mg. The strange thing is he asked me to start them today and treat it as though it is day 2 of my cycle. Has anyone done this before and how did it work?


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    I would go with the doctor's advice. He is simply trying to get your timing down. We tried IUI 14 times before we got pregnant. We tried a multitude of things before we succeeded. I attribute our success to our doctor's patience and tenacity. Timing is everything and he is trying to figure out your body's timing. Everyone is different.
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    The strange thing that need to be clarfiied with your Dr. I don't understand why he asked you take clomid 150mg at day 12, and treated as day "2". because you are very near to ovulation.
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