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I am currently in my 2ww on my 2nd IUI. The first IUI was with clomid. Due to 3 rather large cysts after my first cycle, I was put on birth control to shrink them. Then I started the second IUI cycle. My test is on Friday. I had my trigger shot and was given the IUI less than 24 hours later on both cycles. I keep reading on here 36 hours. Is my doctor doing this too early? Also, I am curious about double IUI. Does this help? I am trying to be positive that this time will work, but I am cramping like I am about to start. Is that normal? I just want to do this the best way possible. Any advice is appreciated.


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    I'm glad you brought that up emeraldana. I have the same concerns. My doctor does the trigger shot & then IUI 24 hours later. I tried to talk with them about that because I read that 36 was better. But all I really got was "trust the doctor, he knows what he's doing." I wanted more explantation than that. I've never done a double IUI... my doctor doesn't think that it ups the chances that much. Are you taking progesterine? I'm 4 dpo & am cramping a little... but I think it's from the progesterine. How many days past ovulation are you?
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    I'm also in my 2ww on my 2nd IUI. I try to stick with 36 hours, however, I felt cramping strangly and continuously 14 hours before IUI. So my IUI is 32 hours after the first surge.

    I've been thinking because the sperm when injecting, can move aways through fallopian tubes, so if we inject them early, there will be not much left at the time the egg releases.

    However, if the eggs already released, they will stay inthe uterine for the next 24 hours. So it is better to do with 36 hours. If we ovulate early at 24 hrs after first surge(or trigger shot), then the egg is still there for 24 hours more.

    I always feel cramping, but the 2nd time is more severe due to effects of clomids, because I have it before IUI, then continuous until now.

    However, I don't raise my hope on them. I just thought whether conception occurred or not, it already did, now it just time to wait for the truth to come out. So I find something else to do and not think about this any more.

    God bless Us All.
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    Thanks for helping me. I meet with the doctor again on the 11th. I am on progesterone and estrogen. The IUI was done 13 days ago. Based on cervical mucus and basal temp. I ovulated the day after insemination. They had me using gonal F this cycle. Maybe I will not have to worry about it anymore. Keeping my fingers crossed. It is just nice to know that I am not alone. If feel very isolated with this. Thank you for responding.
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