Hi, has there been any pregnancies with donor 14619? We just purchased 5 vials, are you able to confirm if there have been any other vial purchases of donor 14619?
Thank you


  • Hi N -

    We haven't received any pregnancy reports yet for Donor 14619. He's only been on our catalog for about 8 months and very few vials have shipped out.

    No need to worry, he's just as capable as any other donor on our catalog of contributing to a successful pregnancy. All of our donors go through our extensive screening process and less than 1% of applicants actually become Cryobank donors.

    Maybe you'll be the first to report a pregnancy! Here's a link to our online pregnancy report form:

    Best of luck!

    California Cryobank
  • Great, thank you. I sure hope so! Thank you
  • Hey! Just wanted to let you know I am pregnant and due at beginning of June 2019 with donor 14619. Best of luck to you!

  • Congrats! That is great news. Do you know what you are having?

  • another due this November

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    My wife and I just purchased donor 14619. Hoping for a successful fertilization with my wife's eggs so that come January when we have our FET! Sounds like there are a lot of boys coming from this donor. We are extremely hopeful!

  • Good luck!!

  • My first was a boy and my wife is pregnant with a baby half brother for him due in June 2022.

  • @Storm061580 Congratulations! Please don't forget to complete pregnancy & birth reports so we can update our records. It only takes a couple minutes to complete our online form: https://www.cryobank.com/services/post-conception-services/report-pregnancy/

    Best wishes to your growing family!

    California Cryobank

  • I have a 17 month old boy from this donor :) I'm a member of "California cryobank donor conceived and recipients" Facebook group if anybody would like to connect one day

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