Donor 14439

Just ordered vials from donor 14439. Has anyone else purchased vials from this donor?


  • Interested in this donor as well...let us know if you have any luck!
  • I purchased this donor and just found out on the 2nd that I am expecting!! :)
  • I just had IUI yesterday with this donor!!!!
    0808- did you do IUI or IVF?
  • One of the vials of this donor I had 8M , 61% motility so equals less than 4M sperm really viable. I thought they would guarantee 10 M on IUI vial.
    Anybody had that experience?
  • I had IUI with this donor. I am 10 weeks along now :)
  • HI 0808, Congratulations!!!!!!Can you share the IUI protocol? I have more vials of this donor I had A failed IUI . You had 2 inseminations? trigger shots? comid or femara.
    you can email if you want to [email protected]
    thank you
  • My wife and I are also trying with donor 14439. We have some vials left and hoping for the best. We did an IUI insemination two days back to back in May and that didn't work out for us. We did an IUI only one day almost two weeks ago, so fingers crossed. Hopefully we have answers this weekend.
  • I had two failed IUI's with this donor. Moved on to IVF where 7 retrieved and fertilized, 3 made to day 5, transferring 2 on Friday. Fingers and toes crossed one sticks.

    CBBG I had a vile wth less than 4 million viable sperm. My clinic filled out the required CCB paperwork and refund was given. Actually not a refund back to my form of payment but a credit which sucks.

    Congrats 0808!
  • 4070 - Is the IVF a long process? We are looking at starting that because we have had two failed IUI attempts. We have an appointment tomorrow for another try. If we aren't successful this time, we are meeting with an IVF specialist.
  • 4070!!! I keep my fingers cross for your IVF process. Let us know.
    I'm starting right now the IVF process. Did you do genetics testing? I got credit with my vial too.
    Keep us posted. If work well for you 4070 I will keep the same donor, otherwise I think I'm going to change .
    Thank you!
    Best luck!????????????
  • CBBG blood test came back negative. IVF with 2 embryos transferred did not work. I did not do genetic testing as it was an additional $4500. My doctor was okay with me not doing the testing as I'm 34.

    I have one frozen embryo left, however I'm not sure what to do. It's another $4,000 to transfer it. I'm thinking of jumping ship and looking into other clinics for another full round of IVF. To date we've spent $28K on two rounds of IUI and a full IVF cycle not including the cost of 5 viles of sperm. It's crazy how expensive IVF cost in California. I'm doing research of doing IVF in Cancun or Puerto Vallarta due to the cost savings.

    We have two viles left, and I see the donor isn't available any more. Is there a way to purchase any extra's?

    Happy to chat or email directly to anyone interested.
  • 4070 - Have they told you anything is wrong with the sperm? I just did my 4th IUI last Thursday. We've tracked my ovulation at the Doctors office with an ultrasound. If we aren't successful this time, we are unsure whats next.
  • LAB - Sending positive thoughts your way for a BFP! For us we stopped after the second failed IUI. My doctor told me IUI had a success rate of 10% each month. With the cost of sperm and the IUI procedure we moved on to IVF.

    So far only issue with 1 of the 3 viles used. We have two left so I'm crossing my fingers those are all good.
  • Does anyone know why this donor isn't available anymore? Is there a problem? I see others threads where popular donors have a wait list and re-ordering is available. I'm surprised our donor is gone in less than 6 months.
  • Sending good vibes your way for the next IVF! I believe the reason he is no longer available is because he only gave so many vials, then told them he wasn't willing to be a donor anymore. I think (from what I've read) donors can only give so many vials.
  • Hello everyone, sorry it's been awhile since I've checked this. I was successful with my first try for this donor. Not sure why he isn't available anymore..I'm 18 weeks along now with a healthy baby girl! :)
  • Hello everyone, sorry it's been awhile since I've checked this. I was successful with my first try for this donor. Not sure why he isn't available anymore..I'm 18 weeks along now with a healthy baby girl! :)
  • Hi all, this is our first posting. Much like 0808 my wife and I were lucky with our first time iui with the donor and my wife is now 18 weeks along. We hope the earlier posts were met with positive results and we are wishing you all the best!
  • I used this donor for IVF back in July. Had 7 total embryos. I am 14 weeks along with a little boy. Good luck to all.
  • I used this donor for IVF back in July. Had 7 total embryos. I am 14 weeks along with a little boy. Good luck to all.
  • Just checking to see if anyone else has had any luck with this donor? We took a little break from trying and are about to start back up. Fingers crossed! gcshelly93, I hope you're having a great pregnancy!
  • Just checking in to see if anyone else has had any luck? We still have vials left to use of this donor and are going to try IVF within the next month. Hope the two that used this donor had a great pregnancy! :)
  • I'm still early but currently pregnant. Transferred last frozen embryo. 1 vial left for future IVF.
  • 4070 - Huge congrats to you! We currently live in California and are waiting until we move back to Texas to try the IVF. I had four failed attempts with IUI, so we're thinking positive thoughts for the IVF. We are thinking at the latest, June. How far along are you? Have you found out the gender? Best of luck to you! Can you chat outside of this forum?
  • Lab: Currently 11 weeks pregnant with a Boy. We did the panarama test so as a bonus we were able to find out sex this early.
  • I just wanted to do an update. I had twins on April 10th 2017. One boy and one girl. They were born at 35 weeks and super healthy. :).
  • YAY! Congrats Kshepherd08. My wife and I are going to start the IVF process again in the next few months! Did you do IVF? I know its a lot to ask, but would you mind sharing a picture of your twins via email? Totally understand if you're not willing to do that!
  • Thank you! :). No, I did IUI. Wishing you the best of luck! Are you still going to be using this same donor? Yes, I will send you a pic. What is your email address?
  • Yes, we have 6 vials left for this donor. Hoping for a successful pregnancy so we can continue to use the same donor. My email is [email protected] Again, huge congrats to you! :) Thanks for sharing the pictures.
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    How is everyone doing? Anymore babies born? I had a healthy boy end of October. Kshepherd08 I would love to see a pic too, if you don't mind.

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