ovulation test... ?

Hello, me and my partner plan to do ici soon and we were wondering if anyone has any opinions about what ovulation test work best?

we hope to get pregnant on the first try if were lucky.


  • Welcome! And just so you know, it is entirely possible to get pregnant on the first try, lots of women around here did!

    I have used the Answer brand prediction kits and up until this last cycle, they worked fine but for some reason they didn't work this last time. (possibly defective box) Alot of people have had luck with the ClearBlue brand from what I have heard.

    Have you guys been charting your ovulation or are you just starting? Are you planning on using other methods of ovulation prediction like checking cervical mucus or basal body temp? Just curious...I have used the OPK's and checked cervical mucus for the last 8 months...my doc said that should be plenty. :)

    Again, welcome to our group!!

  • Gandysweet...Welcome to the boards and congratulations on beginning this exciting journey.

    I was one of the blessed ones that got pregnant on our very first IUI. We are currently 26 weeks and 3 days pregnant. So, yes, it is possible.

    I do suggest keeping track of your BBT and using CBE Digital ovulation tests.

    Let me know if you have any questions. :)
  • Thank you so much for your ideas...

    I haven't exactly been charting my temp or checking for the mucus, but i started this month.. I've been watching the length of my cycle, so hopefully that will help us get the ovulation week correct... we plan to insemenate mid july... so hope were one of the lucky ones..

    thanks again for the advice.
  • It is totally possible for it to work on the first try. I am one of the lucky ones that it worked on first IUI!!! We are currently 5 weeks 5 days along!!! I used the clear blue easy digital ovulation test. Tested three times a day and boy was I glad I did!!! Here is how it went for me tested 10 am neg tested 5pm neg tested 10 pm positive tested again at 8 am neg. So you see if I hadnt tested before bed I totally would have missed it. Went in for IUI 10 am following morning 12 hours from positive and 9 days pIUI positive pregnancy test. But not everybody gets a positive that early Still dont know why we got positive so early!!! Good luck !!!! Baby Dust!!!
  • thanks vic75.. its very interesting that you mentioned that because the test i am using says test at about the same time every day but i read that-that does not always work.. not to mention that 12 hour window testing at the same time every day would put it at 24hours.. luckily this is only our trial month for testing for ovulation we dont plan to inseminate until with mid july or aug...
  • vic75...thank you for posting about testing 3 times a day! I've been preaching this same thing since this is what worked for us too! I hope everyone tests like we did...it's sooooo possible to miss your surge!

    Congratulations again!
  • Welcome and good luck, Gandysweet!

    I also echo the others who said that it's helpful to check cervical mucus and basal body temperature (BBT). BBT isn't predictive, but it can confirm that you have ovulated.

    There's a great book that describes how to do all this called "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Wechsler.

    I had the best luck with the Walgreen's brand of non-digital ovulation predictor kits! (I had bad luck with Clear Blue Easy.)
  • 100% Clear Blue Easy Digital morning noon and night!!! Well worth the extra $$$
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