• Hi 2girls2dogs1cat,

    Have you had success with 14626?

  • Hi ladies,
    I'm currently 15 weeks pregnant to donor 14626. Be interested to find others who have used this donor :)

  • Hi Brightsky,
    I am currently 30 weeks pregnant to donor 14626. Solo mum by choice 😊

  • Hi, thank you for replying.. that's wonderful news :) I'm now nearly 19 weeks! Im also a SMC..Where abouts are you? I'm in Australia..

  • Hi all!
    Congrats! I am currently 34 weeks with this donor. My partner and I are in CA. Does everyone know what they are having?

  • I'm having a boy! 20 week scan this week :)
    Will eventually get onto sibling registry, hoping to start connections with other families who used this donor..
    34 weeks, you are getting close to meeting your little one.. good luck!

  • Hello, congratulations to you all! So exciting! I was wondering if anyone has extra vials from donor 14626. We are pregnant with this donor and thinking about possible future siblings. Thank you!

  • Hi All,
    We have 1 vial that we will not be using for this donor. Am looking to sell and transfer from our Doctor to yours. We are in CA. Please reply if interested in siblings.

  • Hi ladies!! i used this donor. my partner and i have 2 year old twins!! i still have 6 viable embryos as well.
    we are in CA and would love to share stories with any of you!

  • Hi twinnings, congrats on your twins! Our little one is two years old as well. Definitely keeping me on my toes! What part of CA are you in? That is awesome we are in the same state.

  • hi KCTS1 =) we are in SOuthern CA. i have boy-girl twins... one and done we think =) my partner and i are always on our toes!!

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