My RE provides washing services in his package price so the hubby and I decided to go ahead and purchase ICI and save the bucks. Well, I have had 3 insems with clomid alone and still not prego. This cycle I am using the Menopur 75 subc daily with trigger sometime next week. This will be my last cycle for a while and I am so confused if I should purchase ICU or IUI because each vial had around 25 at thaw and after washing from 8-15. Are these numbers too low and I should consider IUI or maybe another donor all together.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you and good luck to everyone.


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    Hi, I saw your question on my other thread but I figured I would answer you here :) I am not sure of the count because I didn't ask at the time. My RE just said the numbers were outstanding. I will look into it and re-post here on Monday. I thought I would give you some of the tips I did that have worked for many women experiencing infertility issues.

    I took a multivitamin, vitamin C, vitamin D, magnesium, B-complex, vitamin E, fish oil capsules and flaxseed capsules every day religiously. I also began doing some light yoga to de-stress (just at home with a dvd). I cut out all caffeine completely; coffee, tea, cola, chocolate..it was REALLY hard but I know caffeine can make women less fertile, even just 1/2 cup of coffee a day. Once I had my IUI I kept up with the vitamins and did not do anything during the 2 week wait. I just got myself a good book, did some journaling and so on. I didn't want to take any chances. I avoided sex/orgasms completely and I avoided hot baths, I just took showers. I drank plenty of milk, juice and water and ate plenty of protein like chicken, pork and beef. These were all tips I received from friends that had successful IUIs. Good luck, I hope this one is the lucky one for you!
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    Thank you for your response. I am taking folic but not a multivitamin. I am going to get the fish oil this afternoon. The caffeine is going to be an issue, I am a huge coffee drinker and cutting down to 2 cups has been tought. I am going to coffee all together and drink chamo tea. So how far along are you?
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    I can definitely relate to being a big coffee drinker. It was incredibly hard to cut out coffee myself, it gave me monster headaches. I did go over to a cup of decaf in the morning so that I could maintain the ritual while my DH was drinking his coffee. It is hard but so worth it :)

    I go in for my first ultrasound on the 12th and that will be 6 weeks :) I just had my beta/blood test Wed of last week and then again sat. it went from 239 to 936 so that is a great sign...could be twins. I am looking forward to finding out on the 12th. I wish you tons of luck! I know this whole process can be overwhelming but it is easier than I originally thought. I hope it goes well for you too!
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