11009, I'm pregnant!!! : )

I just wanted to share that I am currently 5 1/2 months pregnant with a little boy from donor # 11009. If anyone else is preggo from this donor or has children from this donor, I would love to connect! : )


  • sorry about the double post, the website was having a glitch! : )
  • My partner and i just started the process and wondered what process you used to get pregnant
  • Hi Roe&Alisha. I wanted to post on this thread too. It's so great to find this! I'm almost 24 weeks pregnant with a girl from this donor. Due January 12th. It sounds like we're due right around the same time! How fun! I'm very interested in connecting. Congrats on your little boy!
  • medellin72,
    I'm not sure how to do it less medically (like the turkey baster method) but there are tons of how-to books and sites about this. I used an RE (reproductive endocrinologist) at a fertility clinic. I was successful on my third IUI (intrauterine insemination) using Clomid and a trigger shot. It's more expensive but well worth it in my mind. Good luck!!!
  • Hi again jzhende! I replied to you on the other thread, but just wanted to say again how awesome this is and again I too would love to connect.

    Medellin72, like pp I too went the RE route and did IUI with trigger shot. We skipped the clomid but that was our next step if iui #3 did not work. We got lucky on #3 though and did not have to do the clomid. If you want some help/guidance on fertility stuff and how to go about getting preggo, you should check out fertilityfriend.com (they even have a Lesbian Friends group which I was a part of while trying to get pregnant and now I am part of the Preggo Lesbians group). The site is awesome and very helpful. Some things I did do while ttc was taking my temperature, checking cervical mucus, and using OPK's, it was very helpful. Please let me know if I can give you any other info/help and good luck!
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