11009, I'm pregnant!!! : )

I just wanted to share that I am currently 5 1/2 months pregnant with a little boy from donor # 11009. If anyone else is preggo from this donor or has children from this donor, I would love to connect! : )


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    congrats- i hope everything is still going well for you two- or should i say three. your names caught my attention as my partner and i have also just had a successful iui. my partner sandi is the one carrying and my name is alisha- that's why your names caught my attention. good luck to you and keep in touch to let us know how things are going. btw- we used donor 5527
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    Congrats best of luck my partner and I used done 3532...
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    Hey ladies- we had our 6 week check up yesterday and we got to see their tiny hearts beat. It was so amazing. Doc says that one baby is actually a day or two older than the other, which leads me to believe that baby 2 is a girl. Hopefully we will have one of each, doesnt matter though as long as they are born and healthy. Due date is July 6th. doc says everything looks great!
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