Question about IUI

Hello. I am planning on doing my first IUI next week and my clinic really hasn't told me much on what to expect. Do I need to bring someone with me to drive home? Am I going to need pain meds? How long does the appointment take?
My partner is in Iraq so my mom gets to be there when the kid is concieved....thats going to be a great story at the Christmas Table!!


  • Hi virgo,
    Congrats on your first try. The actual process itself takes between 30 - 90 seconds, tops, but they won't start thawing it until you get there, and that takes about an hour (sometimes more). There's no pain (maybe some cramping later, but that doesn't always happen). Basically, it's a shortened version of a pap. They put in the speculum, then insert the catheter and that's it.

    Good luck! Hope your partner is doing well in Iraq!

  • Hey virgo,
    Congrats and baby dust to you first off. Don't worry about the actual procedure. I truly believe that a full pap is more uncomfortable that the IUI. We just did ours 10 days ago and I was amazed at how little you feel. I felt a little bit of pressure when the cath was inserted and that was it...stayed on the table for 20 min or so and was on our way home! My partner did drive while i sat with my feet up on the windsheild, but not nessisary. They say once the sperm are in they generally don't "fall Out" but i wanted to make sure!
    Again congrats and best of wishes, will be keeping everything crossed for you!
  • Congratz, Jess, I am very happy and excited for u, I'm doing my 1st IUI on Mon. May 18th so we should be doing this close to the same time! : )
    Did u use clomid? and did u do the trigger shot?
    We r so happy, I have a 9 year old daughter, and 3 yrs b4 i got pregnant with her, i got pregnant for the 1st time, at 16 yrs of age! I don't get it I had two healthy pregnancies, the 1st i didn't keep, i couldn't, ( i was raped)! And now that i'm older and stable, and my partner and i want a baby sooo badly, i can't get pregnant to save my life! B4 u could walk by and i'd get preggers!! LOL Anyways best of luck to u, and have everyone u know send us both LOTS OF BABY DUST!! : ) Keep me posted, about everything if u want. and I'll do the same! : ) Fingers r CROSSED!!!!!
  • Agree with Jess... just had mine on the 11th... for me it was WAY more comfortable than a pap... I have a small cervix and a pap test is rather painful for me. I didn't feel anything before the swimmers went in because my nurse used the smallest speculum that they had (which she says is their normal proceedure). It took a bit for her to get the catheter in but I still didn't feel anything... there was a bit of pressure when the sperm were injected into my uterus and that was it. Half a hour later, on the way home.

    Good luck, everyone...
    Dust, dust and prayers for all of us...
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