How Many Vials Do We Ship?

My partner and I are getting closer to the date when we are going to have our vials shipped. But I have no clue as to how many we should ship to our doctor. Do people normally ship all of their vials? We currently have 6, and I'm hoping it won't take all of them to get me pregnant.


  • Hi magellan,
    We shipped three the first time, assuming of course that we wouldn't need more than that. After used those, we shipped two. There's just no way to tell what you'll need. I'll say this: when we started last year, I assumed that it was easy to get pregnant, and we'd get pregnant right away. The more I learned, the more I realize how unlikely that is, and that most people take 6 months to a year to conceive. I certainly hope that's not the case for you, it's just one of those things no one ever tells you until you get started.

    Anyway, it may be worth asking your Dr/ clinic what their storage policy is. Our clinic stores vials for $100/ year (much cheaper than CCB), so that's why we shipped three (thinking if we got pg right away, they would store the others for us). My suggestions is to ship maybe three, and if one of those works, you could sell back the others that didn't ship (or have them keep storing them if you intend to use them later).

    Good luck!
  • Our first go around we shipped them all and stored them at the clinic. The con of that is when we switched donors we had to destroy our others and if they had stayed at ccb we could sell back. That being said we have done it both ways and it is WAY less stressful to have them already at the docs office if they have their own storage. No worries about if the swim team runs into to travel woes! :) It was also more expensive to pay shipping each time. For 6 IUI's we had to pay shipping every month!

    Good luck!
  • I shipped all of mine at the same time... storage for a year is $225.00 plus I don't have to worry that they don't arrive in time... FedEx is only as good as the weather!! :-)
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