Successful ivf with donor 14367

Used donor 14367. Co ivf. Retrieved 5 eggs 5 fertilized 3 formed into embroyos my spouse implanted 1 and thank god is currently 5 weeks pregnant. Going for the first sonogram on monday..


  • there is a CCB Friends group on facebook you should check out. people post way more frequently than this board. you have to be approved by an admin and then can join pregnancy thread!
  • @Babydoll330 how is the pregnancy going? I used the same donor!

  • We have a girl from this donor. She will be 2 yrs old 10 28 2020.

  • To qnsbaby unsure if you live in the borough of queens ny. I was born and raised there. However i live in nj. I have a baby girl from the same donor. I was informed that there was a live birth from this same donor i think june or july of 2018. My daughter was was born on 10 28 2018.

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    Hi! I do live in Queens NY with my wife and daughter. I would love to know more and chat sometime. I'm [email protected]

  • @Babydoll330 @lily16 @qnsbaby Long shot! But do any of you have any extras vials from this donor after completing your family? This donor is sold out and isn't expected to be restocked ever. CBB recommended reaching out to families that may be done having children and may have extra vials. If so, would you be willing to sell them or resell them to CBB? Thanks in advance for you response!

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