In Need of Advice :)

I got my lh surge at around 11pm Wednesday(testing every 6 hours). Should I do the IUI on Friday morning? Thurs. morning would only be about 11hrs or so and Fri. morning would be about 33 hours or so (but I have about a 6hr room for error because of my testing time...so it could be up to 38hrs). I really appreciate and value your opinions...thank you so much for taking the time to share ideas with me!!!!


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    You should test when you come home from work every day until you get a positive. The IUI is done the morning after the surge and if you want back to back IUIs you can have a second IUI the following morning.

    For you the first IUI should have been 01/29 with a second IUI 01/30 if you want back to back. You probably missed the ovulation this cycle.
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    I ended up doing my IUI today (Friday). My numbers looked good. I had 38m spermies with 84 motility. Hopefully this is the one. I have my fingers crossed. Thanks for the advice. :)
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    The numbers are wonderful. I wish you lots of luck.
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    I am on my 4th round but first round with menopur (clomid in the past). I had the same questions about ovulation so I am doining a monitored and am confused about the donor purchase. I have never had 3million. My RE services included washing so I purchased ICI and had him do the washing. What type did you purchase to get 38 mil? I have never had that great of a number. I am considering switching donors but took a lot of time and careful thought to select the one I did. I am so confused and need to make my decision this weekend. Good luck to you. the 2WW seems like forever so try and stay busy.
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    Hi hillnetnitco,

    I used the IUI premium vials. CCB will guarantee at least 10M spermies. The vials are already washed.. they just have to be defrosted. My donor is retired.. I only have one more vial after this. So I'm hoping this will be the "one." I wish you the best of luck.
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