Donor 13629

Has anyone had a successful pregnancy or birth with Donor 13629? If so, how many tries did it take? IUI? IVF? Did you have a boy or girl?


  • We are 19 weeks pregnant with a baby boy via IUI. This was our 2nd try with this donor, we miscarried the 1st time we tried with him via IUI. Are you pregnant with this donor too?
  • Congratulations! We aren't pregnant with 13629 yet. We are on our third IUI attempt this month!
  • gugjjjtron -- any luck with the IUI in October? We had 3 failed IUIs with him (August, October, November '15) and we are taking a break for a few months before trying again. Fingers crossed that he worked out for you.
  • We had a baby boy with our first iui try. We have tried 3 times now to have a sibling and are out of sperm. Looking to buy more if anyone is wanting to get rid of this donors sperm before we move on to try another donor.

  • We have 2 IUI vials of 13629 willing to sell. Let me know if still interested.

  • I may be interested. Are you able to message me the details?

  • jewesjeans, I'm not sure how to message you directly on here. 2 IUI vials 13629 $500/each. We can exchange contact info if you are interested. Let me know.

  • 2moms&2chicks, I know its been a year since you posted your vials. But were you able to sell them or do you still have them available? Please let me know . Thank you!

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