ICI at home... do you have any tips


We trying ICI at home.. our first try didn't work. We've been using the basal therm and Clearblue Monitor. This month we're going to add in the digital ovulation tests too.

Any tips? Any tricks on keeping the "goods" from leaking out when the syringe is withdrawn? Her hips were elevated, but this still happened. :)



  • Are you using a syringe with a catheter on the end? I don't even know if it's possible to use that kind for at home ICI, but when I had my IUI done, my RE used a tiny syringe with a catheter on it. Then I layed there in the office for 20 minutes, plus I layed down all the way home (1 1/2 hours) with my hips elevated on a pillow.

  • I had my ICI done by my doctor (I know most people get IUI when they're at the doctor's office, but he seems to think this is the best way to go for us right now)

    It may help to take the syringe out really slowly...my doc let it sit there for a couple of minutes, too, before removing it. The one that he used had a catheter on the end.

    I stayed there, laying down for about 30 minutes. He told me that by then the "little guys" should have made their way up, and that what came out was the semen, not the sperm.

    Hope that helps some! Good luck!
  • Thank you Jesselynn for your comments - That helps. I probably just need to withdrawl the syringe slower and after a few minutes. We'll try again in about 10 days :)
  • Yay! Good luck on your next try...lots and lots of baby dust to you!

    We're trying again in about 10 days, too! We'll be in the TWW together!
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