Any one use 11420/11588

On my 5th IUI and will be changing donors and looking at these two guys. If any one has any info on these two I would be very greatful. Trying to get better results. Thanks


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    HI Jess42257 thank you so much for the information. My husband and I will probably get the audio interview have you listened to him? You will have to let me know how he is once you know his numbers. We are taking a couple of months off and will be starting back up in June. Good luck to you!!
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    Would love to share info I think that I am going to use him. However I need to call my Dr. and discuss what he would like me to order. My last Dr. only wanted ICI vials and did the washing themselves. This donor does not have ICI. He looks great on paper. I will send Audio to you at the email address listed above when I recieve it. Thanks for sharing info makes it a little cheaper. When are you doing your IUI? Kelly
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    No Problem you should have it shortly I sent it about 30min ago. Good luck with the IUI coming up. I will miss the process it has been keeping me really busy it kinda takes over. Thanks again and keep in touch
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    Hey! I am really new to this "donor search" and am torn between 2 donors. # 11588 and # 11597. Is there any way I could get in on the sharing of info on # 11588. I am going to do a "mock cycle" next month, just to make sure everything is working, then proceed with my 1st IUI in June.
    Thanks in advance! I will give you my e-mail address tf if you can help me out!!

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    Hi! I used #11420 for 1 cycle - I didn't get pregnant & am not going to try again. I still have one vial of ICI/premium left. My doc's office told me that they always re-wash before insem. The nurse was pretty impressed with the #'s - motility, etc., & said that this sperm was really good! I have 1 more vial for sale if anyone is interested. Good luck to all! This donor is a good one! Feel free to contact me at meand3sisters@yahoo.com
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