I have some timing questions. I have been testing 4 times a day for ovulation. At 6am, 11am, 5pm, & 11pm. If my surge comes at 6 or 11 am....I was thinking about having my IUI the next day. If my surge comes at 11pm... I was thinking about doing my IUI 2 days later. What do you think about 5pm? Do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks!!


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    Please share how you figured out the best time for your IUI. :)
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    I often have my ovulation test around 6am morning since day 10. Today, my ovulation day, I tested one more time in the afternoon, it's also positive.

    I have my first IUI tomorrow at 10am. I eat a lot of wheat germ/soy milk, and Yam (they said that there is natural clomids in Yam) that will increase the chance of pregnancy. So, i've been eating all the yam in the last three months.

    I use clearBlue monitor to measure ovulation and periods during the last 5 months. Tomorrow, is my first IUI. However I don't expect much, so won't disappoint much. Also my busy schedule distract me.
    Relax Ryanhl, try to take some rest, and doing IUI on your second ovulation day.
    Best wish to both of us.
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    Timing is something that I regularly drive myself completely bonkers over, trying to pinpoint ovulation down to the second. I personally have never been able to get a positive OPK first thing in the morning, and in fact the instructions recommend not testing with first morning urine. The typical "best" time to detect your surge is between 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

    For me, the cycle I got pregnant with my daughter I was testing in the evening, and on the evening when I got an "alomost" positive on the OPK (test line almost as dark as the control line, but not quite), I went the following day at noon for my IUI, and then again the next day at noon. Based on charting my cycles, it appears that ovulate about 24 hours after I get a strong positive, perhaps a bit longer, but definitely no longer than 36 hours after. Remember, a positive OPK doesn't mean you're ovulating at that moment; it means you are going to ovulate very soon! If you are having your IUI any more than 12 hours after you've ovulated, it is probably too late. Earlier is better, though not more than 24 hours before you ovulate.

    This month I got what I thought was an almost positive on the evening of day 12, but then last night (day 13) the test line was truly just the slightest bit lighter than the control, about the lightest it can be without being positive. So, even though I'm just charting and not actually trying this month, I'm noting in my chart that I would have gone for an IUI yesterday and today, and I'm hoping to see a thermal shift tomorrow. If not, I'll definitely expect to see one on day 15, and I'll know I should have wait for the test to read just a bit darker than what I thought on day 12.

    It is easy to get so caught up in the timing, but for me, my faith plays a huge part in this process, and I just keep reminding myself that God is in control and I can only do so much. I wish you all the best!
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