Weird.. Should I worry???

Today We are 6dpiui, and for like the last 3 days I have not had alot of discharge by any means, But...(sorry for this) for the last 3 days i have had a pink discharge, that has been appearing in my underwear, it's not alot, but it is dominate, and there is no doubt to the color, it is light pink?? Now it is not there when I wipe, but it just appears in my underwear!! Does anyone know what this might be? Or has this happened to anyone before?? I have had some slight cramping the last few days, I'm sooo confussed... Any help or advice????

Thank You,



  • It's still a little early for implantation bleeding (IB), but it could be just some irritation from the cervix. IB can begin from 6-12dpiui. When I had my IUI done, they told me that it was possible to have this, but I never did.

    You could always call your doctor to ease your mind. :)
  • I would ask your doc if you're concerned. It got very overwhelming for me when everytime I had some sort of symptom, I'd look it up and try to figure things out for myself.

    It seems easier to get an educated answer! :)

    He told me yesterday to go ahead and do research about TTC if I'd like to, but don't try to become an expert! Thats what he's there for!
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