Double IUI

I had back to back IUI's with this month's cycle. Do you think doing two IUI's in one cycle will increases the chances of pregnancy?

1st count - 24 million
2nd count - 14

I tired last month with one IUI with no luck.

Any comments appreciated.



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    The studies out there all involved couples with male factor infertility (so low counts / motility and/or morphology). For those folks, two IUIs per cycle did result in higher pregnancy rates.
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    I've had 3 back to back IUI and still not pregnant- last one was 30 million. It all depends on timing i guess
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    3 back to back IUI's with no success....wow!! Was this a recent cycle? How long have you been trying?

    I have 13 days to find out if the back to back IUI's took. I spoke to a find over the weekend and it took her over a year and half to get pregnant with IUI.

    I was hoping this more aggressive approach would work but my DR felt no studies proved hight success rate.

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