Luck with 02496?

Does anyone have experience with donor 2496 they can share? Thanks in advance and best of luck to you!


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    I ordered 4 vials of 02496 and was inseminated with the first just today. I'll let you know how it goes. I should know on April 7th!
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    Hi CTmom2be,

    I was feeling really bloated this week and my body temperature has been elevated so even though I wasn't due to take my pregnancy test until April 7th, I was wondering if there was a chance that hCG could already be detected. I found out I'm pregnant! And when I called CCB to inquire about the Sibling Registry, they said that although none of the women had signed up for the Registry yet, they did have 5 recorded pregnancies by 2496. And now there's a 6th!

    All the very best luck to you! Fingers crossed!
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    CTmom2beCTmom2be Posts: 2
    edited June 4, 2019 11:37AM
    Wow - Serious congratulations to you! I did my first IUI with 02496 and it was unsuccessful. I am hopeful for #2, though. If you are willing, I'd be interested in corresponding offline.

    Congrats again... I will be thinking good thoughts for you!
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