FSH Level 8 - help

I'm new to this. I am a divorced woman age 37 and I have been contemplating this for 3 years and I know that I am ready to do this.

Tomorrow I should start my cycle. I am like clock work at 28 days give or take a day on occasions. I am 37 and age I know is a factor. my FSH level was at 8 which is high but still in a healthy range I am told. I was told that all tests came back with excellent results except for the FSH level being elevated but within a normal range. The doc viewed my ovaries and was suprised to see only a pin dot sign of aging. He expected more. I know I'm healthy because of my physical and nutritional regimin... Just argh... I want a crystal ball and I want to know the future. LOL!

So now I'm stressing and yeah partly the period and partly the fact that I hate waiting and wondering. I just want to know if anyone has advice or has had success with my dynamics of being healthy but with an FSH level 8 and being older...
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