Donor 13720, anyone?

Hi ladies,

Has anyone had any success with donor 13720? Would love any feedback; sperm count, pregnancies, etc. Looks like his profile was done in 2012 but can't find any posts about him.

Thank you!


  • I know this is an old message, but I had twins from 13720 in December. IVF; 3 embryos transferred. Good luck if you are still trying!

  • Hi Scrabbler! So happy to find your message. Congratulations on your twins! We are currently pregnant from 13720 and our baby boy due in just 3 more weeks. Would love to connect with you offline if you're interested in chatting. Congrats again!

  • I’m looking at him too! Glad to know there’s been success.

  • Hi! I have a girl from 13720 and would love to connect.

  • Hi, I thankfully was able to conceive and I have a beautiful daughter with some music inclinations. I carry a gene mutation that I needed him to get tested for and he came in for testing which I’m grateful for.

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