Trying to choose between two donors

We are just starting this process. We are choosing to use donor due to hubby having vasectomy during his first marriage after two children. Infertitlity docs are telling us the only way to concieve with his sperm is with IVF w/ TESE. But that is VERY expensive and I have no problems getting prego as I already have four daughters no problems concieving them. So we are trying to decide between two different donors donor 3409, and donor 5575. Honestly I cant choose 3409 has more of my husbands traits brown hair brown eyes, donor 5575 has blue eyes but I also have blue eyes and donor 5575 seems to have better stats in other areas. I have read that 5575 has a good apperance rating. So I am totally undecided which one to use!!!! Any advice?? We have first appt with new fertility doc on Thursday to discuss our options IVF versus IUI. But we have pretty much decided to do IUI with the donor sperm just cant make the choice. Any advice would be very much aprieciated!!!


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    Have you considered sending a picture of your husband and getting a matching consultation? My hubby and I did that and they returned 5 that look similar to him. From there we chose the one that is most like him with interests, hobbies, etc.

    Good luck, I hope this helps!
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